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>>> What is the Bane Bill?

Many of my clients have inquired about the Bane Bill, a piece of legislation which governs views from Highway One to the ocean and the size of homes on the meadow west of Highway One. If you have propety on the west meadow, the Bane Bill will be of interest to you. Essentially the bill limits the square footage of homes on the west meadow to 2200 square feet. Scenic view easements determined by the Bane Bill have ordered the removal of trees along Highway One, and may affect privacy on property next to the highway.

Visit this link to The Sea Ranch Association website ( for the original language of the Bill, as well as information on scenic easements.

>>> How long does the design review process take?

From the site visit with the Design Committee and Environmental Management (DCEM) to the final approval of construction drawings, the design review process takes approximately one year.

>>> How much will it cost to build a Sea Ranch home?

2008 Construction costs are running approximately $300-350/square foot, but this will depend greatly on the following factors:

  • The topography of your site: Generally the following guidelines apply: flat sites are easier to build on than hilside sites, and require less substantial foundations, and therefore less concrete. Sites with fewer trees and vegetation are easier to build on; forested sites limit the locations where homes can be located, and their removal is costly as well as discouraged by DCEM.
  • Whether your lot is on the sewer system or requires a septic system to be specially design and constructed for your site's soil conditions, which can cost over $45,000.
  • If soil found on your lot percolates ( if a septic system is required), this will enable the design of a septic system directly on your site. If not, a space on nearby commons must be reserved, and this may increase the cost of the septic system.
  • The complexity of the design: a more complex design is often more costly to build.
  • The qualith of finishes: Finish work is probably the most costly and time-consuming part of the construction process.

Coming soon:Information on fees charged by the Sea Ranch Association and the Sonoma County Building department.

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