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This home broke ground in 2005, andhas finished construction. It is a home on the east meadow of The Sea Ranch, on a property heavily wooded with redwood trees; hence the name "The Tree House". Because of the difficulty of designing for this heavily wooded site, we have reorganized the plan of the home to a concept of "two towers" joined by a bridge emerging out of the redwood grove. We will use many of the same cantilever ideas as seen in the first design to give a sense of living among the trees. We have been given permission by DREM to exceed the 24' height limit on this lot. This allows the volumes of spaces to contain light wells along the ridges of each "tower", providing daylight and ventilation.

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Below are links to the Plot Plan and construction drawings submitted for review featuring the new design. The footprint of the house and access to it shifted in accordance with DCEM recommendations.The design of a home here at The Sea Ranch includes specifications for roof height (which this project has been allowed to exceed due to its site in the forest), taken from the average grade on which the home sits, and for the slope of the majority of the home's roof, or dominant roof slope, as specified by the Design Review Committee.

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