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This is a home in the forest, on a lot with a gradual slope peppered with large old growth stumps and second growth redwoods. Because of its forest location, the height limit is a generous 36 feet. This home will have a septic system on site.

Our clients wished for vaulted ceilings in their great room, so I designed the living and dining rooms to bearing two story space, off of which the kitchen on the first floor and the office on the second floor will be located. This allows the great room to have double height windows with views of the surrounding redwoods. The home will have a guest bedroom suite and master suite, attached garage. in addition to an artist's studio and adjoining deck on the second floor of the home.

The siting and design of the home was modified to DCEM conditions, and construction began in early 2009. Click on plans, elevations and sections below for larger versions of these images.

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