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This home in the forest east of Highway One was completed in the winter of 2009. The lot is heavily wooded and very steep, posing some interesting challenges to accessing the site and minimizing foundation work, as well as minimizing the amount of trees removed.

Our clients wished for a compact and economical home that would take advantage of forest views. We have designed a 1600 square foot home with a great room and two compact master bedroom suites, with carpark below.

The home also requires a septic system, which has been installed some distance away from the house in the commons. This shows the progress of construction, as well as shows the undeveloped lot, and an early model submitted for conceptual review. This home wll take advantage of a distant view of the ocean through the trees from the great room. Click on the images to see larger versions.

bay windowforest viewsouth elevationliving room window seat baydining areaentry from belowwest elevation
framing bay windowframinglower entrypeek at the oceanstairseast elevationupper floor
formboardsfoundationupper floor joistswindow seatshed roof
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